Club Tote rules

  1. The TOTE will be run and organised by Chandlers Ford Central Club Committee.

  2. The decision of the committee is final.

  3. The Tote draw is open to Members of Chandlers Ford Central Club only.

  4. Tickets will be on sale from 7pm until 10pm on Friday evenings.

  5. The draw will take place at approximately 10.30pm on Friday evening.

  6. The numbers will be drawn using the electronic random number machine.

  7. Cost per number 20p, minimum 2 numbers, 1.00 per ticket.

  8. No restriction on number of tickets purchase.

  9. Payments can be made for up to 4 weeks in advance.

  10. No reminders will be given when follow up payments are due.

  11. Two numbers will be drawn from the numbers 1 to 49.

  12. The two winning numbers must be on the same ticket.

  13. Prize payments will only be made on fully paid up tickets.


  15. If more than one winner the prize money will be divided equally.

  16. Winning numbers will be posted on the notice board.

  17. Any unclaimed prize after 28 days will be added to the following week's draw.

  18. If there is no winner the prize money will roll over.

  19. There are no restrictions on the maximum payout.

  20. All winnings over 250   will be paid by cheque.

  21. All prize payments will be made on Friday evenings only.

Transposed on 1 February 2011 from the Club Bye-laws posted on the club noticeboard.

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